Fashion & Beauty workshop - Como. Fashion & Beauty workshop - Como.

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Check list of things to bring:

Passport - If you forget it, they will not let you on the plane. Also make a scanned copy, save it on your computer & make a print out of it & keep it somewhere other where you keep your passport.

European plug adapter - you do not really need a transformer. Most power supplies have dual voltage, but double check, look on the power supply and it should say something like: 100-120V - 200-240V. 50Hz-60Hz. If it says this you are OK. If it says 100-120 v 60Hz you will need to bring a transformer. Even a lot of hair dryers have a switch to go from 110 to 220 volts.

For your travel comfort:

1) An inflatable neck pillow for your trans Atlantic flight.

2) If you want to sleep, an eyeshade and not the ones the airlines give you.

3) Earplugs - Home Depot has good ones for a dollar or two.

4) A heavy coat - 2 reasons: #1) Paris at night might get into the 40's at night (or colder) and #2) International law requires a cold temperature inside planes to hold down the spread of influenza. It is normally about 60 degrees, not bad for an hour, but not for 9+/- hours.

5) I take off my boots & put on heavy wool socks then use slippers.

6) A scarf to tie around your neck to keep warm on flights.

7) Snack food like granola bars or jerky. In coach, most airlines do not overfeed you.

8) If you want to call home, set up a Skype account on your laptop/tablet/cell phone and another one on the computer you want to call at home. Skype is totally free when you call Skype to Skype. You can even use your webcams to see each other.

9) If you have a friend that has some Euros, or a local bank, it would not be a bad idea to buy some, like €100-€200 to have in your pocket. You can also exchange some Euros at the airport and most hotels will exchange some, but at very poor exchange rates. But really you can pay for most things with a credit card and this is what I do.

10) Noise canceling head phones. If there is a screaming baby next to you, plug the canceling head phones into your cell phone and play pink or brown noise. There several free apps for pink noise. It does not the baby from screaming, but it may allow you to get some sleep. If it is really bad, put in the earplugs, put the canceling head phones over the earplugs then plug the canceling head phones into your cell phone and play pink or brown noise.

You will get your best exchange rates using credit cards. BUT!!! Most credit card companies will charge you an extra 3% "Foreign Exchange Rate", so be sure check to see if your credit card companies are going to screw you on this. Capitol One and American Express do not have Foreign Exchange fees. But always check as this changes.

To help you at the seminar:

Flash card reader
Mouse & pad
Just in case: An external hard drive to back up your photos.
Cameras, lenses & a tripod

getting therecheck listBeauty Imagery, Steve Thornton

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