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Interested in a CAME jib? I would look elsewhere unless you just can't afford better quality.

I bought a jib from CAME and 6 months later one of the locking collars attached to the carbon fiber tubes just pulled off. I found CAME's website, sent 4-5 e-mails to them asking how to fix this, none were answered. I then found CAME's Facebook page and posted a negative comment on how the boom was falling apart and I had sent 4-5 e-mails with no reply and the next day I got a message that they had sent me several emails but I never answered them. I never got one.

After the locking collar pulled off of it's carbon fiber tube, I took this photo showing CAME the problem.

This shows the missing collar

After I sent the photo above, CAME asked for a video:
All of the parts are machined in a very crude way. The threads are not smooth but rough. My guess is they machined these parts so fast and are using tooling that is dull (To save money) and the tooling is tearing the metal and not cutting it. Also I noticed that after I had unscrewed the locking nut off of the locking collar, the threads were gunked up with a tar like substance. This explained why it was always very hard to loosen and tighten the locks. I spent hours removing this sticky goo off of the collar and nut. During this cleaning process, 2 more collars pulled off of the carbon fiber tubes.
This is the collar showing the white sticky substance left on it by CAME

I never did get a reply from CAME how to make the repair, but they offered to ship me a new tube, shipping was going to be $23. Rather than spend this on a part that was likely to be juat as bad as these were, I bought some clear epoxy from Home Depot along with some emery cloth to sand the glue off of carbon fiber tubes. I regluded the collars and do far it is holding.

In addition to this, when I first got the jib, I saw 1-2 screws that were loose. I tried to tighten them, except I could not because the stainless steel screws were such poor quality I was rounding off the Allen heads. CAME sent some replacement screws, still sad. So I just bought some new stainless steel screws from the hardware store and replaced all of them.

CAME's stuff is cheap and you do get what you pay for.
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