Fashion Photographer, Atlanta, GA Fashion Director
Fashion Photographer, Atlanta, GA Fashion Director

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About the Video

Recently I shot a still fashion project in Blevio, Italy on Lake Como. As I normally do when shooting a fashion project, I will also shoot a bit of video so the clients will have additional options. I deliver the stills to the client and offer the video as an added value that they can license for an additional fee if they wish.

Like my still projects I also shoot video in the RAW file format, giving me a huge range of tools that allows me to overcome difficult lighting, contrast and color situations. I selected the most "Difficult" clip to correct several issues. In this clip, I'm shooting almost into the sun, making a high contrast situation worse. I was not positive this would work but I knew I liked what I saw and I knew that by shooting RAW uncompressed video would give me a huge amount of latitude in post and that MIGHT be the answer.

All of the clips are from the same RAW file.

The first to play (Original) is the clip with no adjustments at all. You will see that is is slightly underexposed, I did this to prevent the sky from blowing out to solid white. This results in a very flat video file.

The next to play (My "Best" Color/contrast Adjustment) is the same clip processed in Premiere Pro and with my best effort to get the color/contrast where I want it, and by comparison to the original file, it looks pretty good.

The last to play (Full RAW conversion process) is the same clip but fully "Processed" in Photoshop. The process is laborious. Note how much control you get in the shadows and the highlights. The RAW footage is sharper and "Cleaner" than standard compressed video.

This is the process:

First I convert every frame in the RAW video to individual DNG files. (DNG is a open source Adobe file). For every second, I will have 24 DNG files.

Next I open the first one of these files into Adobe Camera RAW Converter and make corrections to the file, color, exposure, contrast, shadow detail, white point, black point, chromatic aberration, lens distortion correction etc.

I then select every file inside the folder and apply these corrections to the other files.

Then I run an action that, one by one, open every file, save it as a PSD, JPEG or TIF file and close it.

Next I sort all of the resultant files into their unique folders. IE: All S-2536-125-xxxx files will be put into a new folder named S-2536-125. I repeat the process until all files are inside their own folders.

I then import every file in each folder into Photoshop as an image sequence.

After I get all the files in the timeline, I duplicate the layer several times, apply different blending modes and filters to the extra layers.

I then save this multi layered file as a MASTER PSD file.

Finally I have Photoshop output this as a MOV file which is something I can finally put into Premiere pro.

Steve Thornton Photography

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon 5D MKIII using Magic Lantern RAW with a
Canon 16-35 f2.8 Zoom lens sitting on a
Merlin Steadicam with a
SmallHD monitor attached.

The sun.

Steve Thornton Photography

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