Photographer and Video Director, Fashion and Beauty shoot in Como, Italy
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About the video


This part of this project was shot in Como, Italy, where I lived in 1985 & 86. Every time I am in Milan, I take at least one day, or part of a day, to go visit Como. I eat in a small restaurant on a piazza that is run by a family along with their 9 room hotel, which I stay at when I want or need to be in Como. Part of this hotel is a private parking garage that is behind 2 large doors.

This image was shot in this parking lot. We had just finished lunch and the owners opened the door to allow us access my mini van to change the model. When I saw the outfit Veronica, the wardrobe stylist, had pulled and looking at the light and dark combination in the parking garage, I had my assisting crew assemble a Sunbounce reflector. I informed the styling crew that I was going to shot this inside the garage. My makeup artist then said, "In that case I am going to re-do the eye makeup", and did so. Then Caitlin, the model, did the rest and we were very happy with the result.


For Photographers

The list of Gear:
Canon 5D MKIII camera using the Canon 16-35mm zoom lens and a
Canon 85mm lens
SmallHD monitors
Gitzo CF Tripods
Sachtler Fluid Head.
Some of the video was shot hand held, most was shot on a on tripod with a fluid head attached allowing for smooth camera movements and two clips were shot with a Steadicam.

My assisting crew held a California Sunbounce Pro reflector overhead, sliver side, to bounce some hard light onto the model.


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