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About the Video

This part of this project was shot in Como, Italy, where I lived in 1985 & 86. Every time I am in Milan, I take at least one day, or part of a day, to go visit Como. I eat in a small restaurant on a piazza that is run by a family along with their 9 room hotel, which I stay at when I want or need to be in Como.

One of my favorite cars anywhere is the Fiat 500, or Cinquecento in Italian, not the original Fiat 500 (made from 1936 -1955 commonly called "Topolino", or little mouse) and not the one you will see today in the USA, and of course in Italy, but the one in the middle. These were made from 1957 to 1975 and had a few changes in the 18 year production run. It is widely seen as the first "City Car" due to it's small size allowing it to park almost anywhere. It's air cooled 2 cylinder 479cc engine produced a whopping 13 horsepower. Large riding lawn mowers have this kind of "raw power". (This is, of course, a joke.) But it proved to be a very popular car throughout Europe. You can get 4 Italians in, and you might get 4 average size Americans in with some degree of effort.

Sara, one of the owners of the hotel, has a Fiat 500 that she drives to and from work every day, and I have always wanted to use it in a shoot. I finally was able to use it on this project. Thank you Sara, it was a lot of fun!

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon 5D MKIII camera using the Canon 16-35mm zoom lens and a
Canon 85mm lens
SmallHD monitors
Gitzo CF Tripods
Sachtler Fluid Head.

The Lighting:
My assisting crew put a California Sunbounce Pro reflector on the ground in front of the model, using the white side, to bounce some light onto the model to help fill in the shadows.

The video was shot hand held, with a Steadicam and on tripod with a fluid head attached allowing smooth camera movements.

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

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