Personal Work - Date Palm stripped fruit cluster
Personal Work - Date Palm stripped fruit cluster

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

About the Video

This multimedia personal project is a light and shadow study of a date palm's stripped fruit cluster. On some of the video you can see where the dates were attached before being picked. The easiest is in the opening image, on the left, all of the round "buds" are where a date was growing.

I was just outside of Palm Springs, California on a portrait project, shooting both still images as well as video, and one of the locations I used was in a date palm grove. After shooting Ronnie King (a multi Platinum, Oscar and Grammy nominated producer) in his recording studio, we loaded the required gear into the car and drove to the location, the sun was about 30 minutes away from dropping behind a mountain. We got the gear out of the rental car and set up quickly. In addition, Ronnie's publicist wanted three changes of wardrobe, meaning everyone had to hurry.

After the session was over the crew & I dissembled the gear and packed up. After everything was packed and in the car, I performed my "Idiot Check", this is a phrase I use that means after everyone thinks they have packed everything, someone, or several some ones, will walk everywhere we were to be sure we did not leave anything by mistake, this includes any cans or paper we dropped.

When we first arrived I was totally focused on setting up, balancing the sunlight with the strobe light, getting Ronnie on his spot, shooting images quickly and making the necessary wardrobe changes. So I did not have any extra time to do any "sight seeing". On my walk looking for forgotten equipment, I noticed this palm fruit stalk laying on the ground and thought it really looked very cool, so I picked it up, put it into the car and brought it back to LA that night. I had shot a project for a boot manufacturer a few days before and I had an empty boot box left over, so I put the stripped fruit stalk into the box, which went into the suitcase and home it went.

Last thoughts: This was a really fun project. The stalk has interesting shapes and texture. Constructing the holding apparatus allowed this project to be possible in letting me change angles and direction very quickly.

I am very glad in the pandemonium of the set up, the shoot and the pack up process, this stalk was not stepped on!

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

For Photographers

The Gear:

Canon camera set at ISO 2500 with 1250 & 5000 also used, using
Canon lenses:
24mm T.S.,
24-70mm zoom,
70-200mm zoom,
85mm prime,
50mm prime lenses all with and without
Canon extension tubes.
Gitzo tripod mounted jib or boom.

Either from a modeling light on a Dynalight strobe head with a grid spot or a
1000 watt Lowel DP light using flags and barn doors to control the spill light.

You can see a setup below.

Date Palm stripped fruit cluster

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

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