Personal work - Delta - Drifting through the clouds
Personal work - Power lines & Clouds

Steve Thornton Photography

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I was flying from New York to Atlanta after shooting a project with an actor in the city. When I booked the flight I selected a 5:00 pm departure knowing at that time of year it would be close to sunset, so I might get some really pretty light to shoot photographs & video from the plane. Uncharacteristically I had selected a window seat so I could take photos and video out of the window, typically I only book an exit row aisle seat. However I was bumped up to first class (thank you Delta) 5 days before the flight which is great because the wing causes issues for me in the photo or video. As soon as I got the upgrade I selected a window seat because my Delta profile says aisle only.

Unfortunately the weather was a solid gray overcast and drizzly afternoon, not real pretty. But I still got out my camera with the wide angle zoom lens and sat down in my seat, buckled up and waited. I still took a few snapshots & a bit of video knowing full well they would be ugly, I just could not help myself (And I was right, they were ugly.) Within 3-4 minutes after rotation (takeoff) the plane was in the clouds so I put the camera on the floor and waited for the chance to put the camera back in the bag. Within 3 minutes we were out of the solid cloud cover to a wondrous and dreamy scene of color & puffy clouds, the timing was perfect and the finished results were stunning.

Steve Thornton Photography

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon 5D III camera bodies using 160 ISO using a
Canon lenses: 16-35mm zoom lens set to 16mm f8.

Steve Thornton Photography

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