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Fashion Photography and Motion Direction

Fashion & Beauty, Steve Thornton

About the Video

These beauty photographs of Gracen, a wonderful, tall, slim & sexy model, were shot near Atlanta, GA in a private home. See BTS photos below.

Hair & makeup: Sav Wood

Fashion & Beauty, Steve Thornton

For Photographers

The Gear:
Beauty - Headshot:
A Canon camera using 2500 ISO and 1/250 second shutter speed using a 
Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens set to f2, handheld.

The Light is:
Aputure 300d LED light using a Aputure Light Dome II with a
Sunbounce Mini reflector using the white side of the fabric.

Fashion & Beauty, Steve Thornton


My ace BTS guy forgot to shoot the configuration I used on the photos above. I actually used the Light Dome II on the Aputure 300d. But same model, same day just the Light Done should have been on the 300d in this photo. And the sunbounce reflector was under the models chin in the photos above, sorry!

Fashion & Beauty, Steve Thornton

Fashion & Beauty, Steve Thornton

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