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About the Video

This advertising beauty video of Teodora was shot in a private home in Milan, Italy working with window light and is a series of still photos. I was looking for some photos and while looking I noticed 2 or 3 photos of Teodora together and looked like it might be cool to use them, and others, in a video.

Teodora had close to perfect skin and moved wonderfully. The ability for a model to connect with the camera is a combination of them being comfortable with themselves, being comfortable with the photographer, taking directions and experience. Some models are much better at this than others.


Fashion & Beauty, Steve Thornton

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon camera using 1/25, 1/30 or 1/40 of a second shutter speed using 200 ISO and a
Canon 85mm lens at f1.8 shot hand held. This was shot in 2008 with a Canon 5D and before I learned just how far I could go with the ISO. If I had to shoot this today using a 5D I would have likely used 640 or 1250 ISO overexposing and correcting in post production to reduce the apparent noise.

The Light:
Shot with 2 large windows using a Sunbounce Pro sized reflector.

Fashion & Beauty, Steve Thornton

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