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The Red Car, 1993 BMW 850 CSI

About the video

Fashion & Beauty Photographer, Steve Thornton

This video & still project was shot for a client in Atlanta, GA. I spent 2 days scouting in the mountains of North Georgia and 2 days shooting then after looking I realized I needed one more day to get the coverage I needed.

The most difficult aspect was getting the tripod, the camera and me into position without doing any damage to the interior coach work. On one of the shots, I had to remove one of the tripod's legs and wedged the other two legs in a way it would work, barely. On that shot there was no room left for me to sit (One problem with this is I am 6'6") so I set up the shot, explained what I wanted the driver to do, started the video camera and waved good bye to the driver. About 2 minutes later he was back. I checked the footage and knew I had a winner so I asked him to make the run again because I wanted the driver to go at a different speed. Both takes were great.

Fashion & Beauty Photographer, Steve Thornton

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon cameras using these Canon lenses:
8-15mm fish-eye zoom, 14mm, 16-35 Zoom, 24-70mm zoom, 70-200 zoom, 100mm macro, 200 f2 and 400mm f2.8, some of the clips were shot with the 400 also had a Canon 2X converter installed. I also used a
Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens.

In all of the shots the cameras were either mounted using a
Sachtler fluid head or a
PhotoClam ball head or a
Gitzo magnesium ball head, all where attached to one of 3
Gitzo CF tripods, series 2 and 3 and using
Small HD Monitors.

The Light:
The Sun and using
Sunbounce reflectors and
Sunbounce Sunswatters (A Silk on a stick).

A real fun project.

Fashion & Beauty Photographer, Steve Thornton

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