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Fashion & Beauty Photographer, Steve Thornton

This Industrial Lifestyle video & still project was shot for a client in Doha, Qatar. We shot 9 days over a 10 day period, needing to reshoot due to very dusty conditions. I arrived in the middle of a dust/sand storm and did not get much better.


Originally I was to shoot 2 out of 4 days but the conditions were such I told my client I needed to stay and hope for better weather. We had a couple of days that were OK, nothing great, but semi workable. Then we had moments where we had great light but lasted only for an hour, but I made the best of it. My client put me up in a great hotel and I ate breakfast every morning stretched out over an hour or more. Usually from 6 a.m. or 7 a.m. till 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. depending on when they could schedule a driver for me and/or where to work crew was going to be.

At the end of the day I would download all of my CF cards and review what was shot and made notes if some of the clips needed to be reshot, most of the problems were atmospheric in nature. I'd then rename all of the files and start to convert the video files. Around 10 p.m. I was falling asleep (Jet lag, 8 hour change). And normally by 4am or 5am I was awake and working on files until breakfast.

A fun project, a great client in Doha, the richest city in the world. OH! the food was great too... really great.

Fashion & Beauty Photographer, Steve Thornton

If you would like to use this image, or any of my images for mock or comp use, please just ask. There is never a charge for this service. Educational use is permitted without charge, unless published, but please ask first. All commercial use is available only with a limited copyright release prior to use from the copyright holder, Steve Thornton. Thanks for looking!

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