Video Director and Photographer, Fashion & Beauty Photography Video
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Video Director and Photographer, Fashion & Beauty Photography Video

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

About the Video

This fashion & beauty project was shot at what was a large family farm in Milan, Italy. Steve shoots at this location often and has seen it change over the last 3½ years. "The vegetation is taking over and some of the buildings have collapsed, Steve comments. "In a few more years the farm will all be gone, either through decay or being bulldozed to make room for a warehouse or apartments, kind of sad really." He adds, "It has been laying fallow for several years, slowly deteriorating and now a lot of items, most notably to me are the hand made hand hammered steel frames for the barn windows seems to have been stolen. My guess is they wound up in an antique shop or in someone's home for decoration, they were in fact very cool and I miss them."

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Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon 5D MKIII cameras set at 1/60 shutter speed using either from 320 to 1250 ISO
Canon 16-35mm zoom lens set at f2.8 - used on the Steadicam clips only
Sigma 85mm lens set at f1.8 and f2 - stills only
Nikon 50mm lens used for whacking (yes this is for real)
Small HD monitor
Steadicam Merlin
Atomos Ninja 2 recorder to check double video when using the Steadicam
Sunbounce "Pro and Mini" reflectors
Polaroid variable ND filters.

The Lighting:
Sunbounce Pro sized reflector using the white side with a
Sunbounce boomstick with grip head holding it into position.


We are based in Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, USA & Milan, Italy, and serve the nation and travel worldwide for projects, both video and stills. On average we travel 175 days a year from all over the USA, 48 out of 50 states, to Singapore to Japan, Europe and the Middle East. We are normally in Europe 2 or 3 times a year, mostly Italy and Germany, shooting for clients there.

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