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About the Video

This was shot in Milan, Italy at what was a large industrial complex converted into loft spaces. Yana, the model, had arrived in Milan 2 days before from Ukraine. She has been modeling for about a year and has worked in Japan and Taiwan. She is a very accomplished model at age 15 and we were very happy she was available to shoot.

The ability for the model to move, project and be 100% "comfortable in her own skin" is paramount in capturing the imagery we were able to get. This was Yana's first project with Steve and he hired her for another project 4 days later.

Feel free to share: stpvd.com/21/20


For Photographers

The Gear for the top image:
Canon 5D MKIII cameras set at 1/60 shutter speed using either 200 ISO & 320 ISO
Canon 16-35mm zoom lens set at f2.8 - used on the Steadicam clips only
Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens set between f1.7 and f2
Gitzo CF Tripods
Sachtler fluid head
Small HD monitors
Steadicam Merlin
Atomos Ninja 2 recorder to check double video when using the Steadicam
Sunbounce "Pro and Mini" reflectors
Polaroid variable ND filters.

Music by Will Musser


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