Steve Thornton

Solutions to Problems - Rollover - Roll mouse on & off image

Roll over  

Heavy overcast day.

Flat light.

Tripod in shot. (OOPS!)

No color contrast.



Global exposure correction.

Global color correction.

Local color corrections.

Local exposure corrections.



This was shot in Colorado and the boat is about 9' long (2.7 meters), so not a lot of extra room. So I'm in the bow of the boat trying hard to get as far back as I can. It is a gray colorless day but I'm thinking, "well I'm here, why not shoot", so I did. Only when I got back and into the office and really start working the image did I realize what could be done.

I don't impress myself much these days with photography, but I did on this shot.

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon camera set to 1/125 shutter speed, 100 ISO and a
Canon 16-35mm zoom lens set to 16mm using f2.8

The Light:
Heavy overcast.




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