Problem Solving Commercial Advertising Photographer, Steve Thornton
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Problem Solving Commercial Photographer

About the image

We were very lucky on this fashion project. I knew there would be snow on the ground, I did not realize it was going to be snowing on and off all day, a real gift for the shoot. This was shot in Wolcott, Colorado for an American fashion client.

I did not cast this model for the job, the client hired her. So while on the set, I asked her if she was afraid of horses. She said no but I could not get her to stand next to the horse. As a result I had to retouch her legs into the proper position. Most clients just don't know what questions to ask the models.

I had another big name client who hired the models. They knew we were going to shoot on a performance horse training barn, meaning the horses were young, semi trained, and bred for performance, meaning they almost could not stand still. I show up and I discover one model was allergic to horses and the other one was truly afraid of horses. I knew that the one model that was allergic to horses was not an option, so I had a long talk to the other model about just getting close, not touching the horse or holding the reins. I talked to one of the trainers and he selected an older gentle horse that would not be jumpy and I got the shot.

The client realized that had made an oversight and learned to ask more questions. Not really a big deal, I was able to work through the issues and get what the client needed.

Slight over exposure.
Flat image due to dead flat light.
Model would not stand next to horse.
Eyes lacked sparkle.
Circles under eyes.
Lack of pop in fur.

Selectively darken entire image to pull attention to the garment.
Add contrast and color.
Moved model's legs.
Retouch eyes for sparkle & color.
Retouched under eyes.
Bring detail & color into the fur.

Problem Solving Commercial Fashion Advertising PhotographerFor Photographers

The Gear:
Canon digital camera set to 320 ISO and using 1/3200 second shutter speed with a
Canon 200mm f2 lens set using f3.5.

The Light:
Heavy overcast sunlight.

Problem Solving Commercial Fashion Advertising Photographer, Steve Thornton

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