Steve Thornton

Solutions to Problems - Rollover - Roll mouse on & off image

Roella, roll over  

Bright fore & background.
Circles under eyes.
Back not straight.
White tag on blouse showing.
Hair in the face on her left.


Darken the image on the left, right & above model's head.
Retouch under eyes.
Retouch tag out on blouse.
Retouch hair off of face.


This fashion editorial was shot in an old farm in Milan, Italy. My assistant discovered this location while we were on our way to pick up another car for a project. My van was not going to not have enough room so I rented a small car. On the way Emiliano mentioned there was an old roof "Over there". So we got off of the main road onto a side street and within 5 minutes we were walking on the property. We later got permission to shoot anytime we wanted and we have shot many projects there.

Go here to look at the BTS video.

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon digital camera set to 320 ISO and using 1/125 second shutter speed with a
Canon 85mm lens set f8

The Light:
Open shade with a
Sunbounce Pro set out into the sunlight behind and to the left of the camera.


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