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About the image

We were very lucky on this cowboy project. We had bright sun then overcast with heavy snow, thin overcast with snow and pristine snow to shoot in. We only saw an occasional animal track. I'm about 100 feet away and just loving what I'm getting. I'm not loving that it is really cold and I had to look to see if my feet were still attached.

Vicki, see below, is from the south and I had never dragged her anywhere that was really cold. I stressed to her to bring very warm clothing. Now Vicki is very fashion aware and would not be caught dead in something that did not have some sense of style. When we arrived in Denver I had her open her suit case to see just what she brought. I looked and after we were in the rental car I drove directly to a huge Goodwill store I know of and commenced to buy her some warm gear, since Vicki's idea of dressing warm is making sure she is not cold in 40° (4.5 C) weather, not the -5° (-22.5° C) we were going to endure.

I looked but we never found warm boots (Her idea of very warm boots were shearling boots, which as soon as they got wet, in my words to her, "those little black toes of yours are gonna freeze and then fall off." We stopped in one of the outdoor/ski stores and found something more appropriate foot wear wise. Very warm and waterproof.

Photographed in semi flat light.
Slight underexposure due to shooting snow & not wanting to blowout highlights.
Gloves wrong color.
Needed to change jacket colors.
Red face due to very cold temperature & wind.

Globally adjusted color, contrast, exposure & saturation.
Changed color of gloves & stripes on jacket.
Used local color correction on face, tack, both horses & pannier.

Problem Solving Photographer, Steve ThorntonFor Photographers

The Gear:
Canon digital camera set to 100 ISO and using 1/320 second shutter speed with a
Canon 400mm f2.8 IS lens set f6.3
The cowboy has a 2 way radio and I'm directing him when to turn and in what direction.

The Light:
Thin overcast sunlight

Problem Solving Photographer, Steve Thornton

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