Steve Thornton

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Fashion & Beauty  
Nose wide.
Waist appears straight.
Strobe cord showing.
Skin splotchy.
Eyes need sparkle.
Stray hair.
Teeth a bit gray.
Retouch nose & hair.
Shaped waist.
Removed cord.
Smoothed skin.
Added pop to the eyes.
Retouched stray hair.
Brightened teeth.

This was shot in the stairwell of my apartment in Milano which is painted white. So I put a strobe head behind the model allowing the light to bounce everywhere.

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon digital camera set to 400 ISO and using 1/160 second shutter speed with a
Canon 28-70mm zoom lens set to 68mm and f4

The Light:
Lumedyne battery powered strobe pack using a
Lumedyne round strobe head with a reflector at the top of the stairs.

You can see the door open just enough to put the head and light stand.

I used a Manfrotto backlight stand using the short stud. I put one of the light stand's legs under the door, as this stand has low and flat legs.

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