Problem Solving Commercial Advertising Photographer, Steve Thornton
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Before & After rollover image, Problem Solving Commercial Advertising Photographer, Steve Thornton

Problem Solving Commercial Advertising Photographer, Steve Thornton

About the image

NOTE: This example does not have a perfect before & after match, you will see a jump. This is due to the massive corrections that were made to finish the image.

This lifestyle image was shot in the Florida Keys. I put a Canon Digital SLR camera into a Seacam underwater housing using a 9" dome port (240mm), see photo below, with a Canon 16-35mm zoom lens. Then I had the housing & domeport roughly half in and half out of the water. Although in this example it is closer to 60% - 40%. This technique is called "Over/Under". As in Over the water and Under the water. One needs crystal clear water, rare in a lot of the oceans, for this to work best.

One of the reasons you want a very large domeport, is for photos like this one. When there are waves, the small ports show the wave action to an extreme where the large ones, like this one, makes them look normal. One reason I bought the Seacam housing was because they make the largest dome port and the other reason is the 45º degree angle finder, which at the time was only available from Seacam. The 45° finder allows my head to be out of the water and I don't need to wear a mask, making it much easier to shoot.

Semi colorless.
Flat water.
Blah sky.
Underexposure due to keeping clouds from blowing out.
Underwater magnification of about 30% due to refraction.

Make separate image layers for the sky, the water & the model then blend.
Brighten all of the image.
Add saturation.
Re-align the "Under" part of the image by shrinking down and filling in the water by retouching the image.

Problem Solving Advertising Photographer, Steve Thornton

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon camera set to 1/30 shutter speed, 100 ISO and a
Canon 85mm lens set to f2.5

The Light:
Overcast with rain.

This is a Seacam housing with a 9" dome port:

Problem Solving Commercial Advertising Photographer, Steve Thornton

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