Steve Thornton

Solutions to Problems - Rollover - Roll mouse on & off image

Before and after  

Flat light.
Flat water.
Blah sky.


Make separate image layers for the sky, the water & the models then blend.


This lifestyle image was shot just north of Miami, Florida at sunrise. Stephanie had shot with me several times and was great to work with. The guy was a new model and was so stiff and uncomfortable I knew within a few minutes he was not going to work out. So I explained that I wanted to shoot over the shoulder of Stephanie to have him be the "Star" in those photos and I would then swap sides. So I ripped off 30-40 shots of him them moved to this side of the models so I could shoot Stephanie. It worked.

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon camera set to 1/640 shutter speed, 100 ISO and a
Canon 85mm lens set to f2.8 all inside a
Seacam housing.

The Light:
Sunrise light with a few clouds.

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