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About the image

I was cleaning the carport and noticed leafs in a bucket. I realized one of them, actually 2 that were connected, looked pretty cool. So I shot them for about 90 minutes.


For Photographers

Anytime you want to stop down your lens a lot, more than f8, you will want to clean your camera's sensor and your lens.

When you get to f16 you will start to clearly see dust spots and when you get to f32 or f64 you will be able to see EVERYTHING on the sensor, on the front of the lens, on the back of the lens and in the lens... no matter how small, like a pin point.

If I know I'm going to want to shoot a lot of macro images, I will send my camera and the lenses I'll use, see the gear list below, to Canon to have them cleaned. AND!!! When you get the gear back from Canon, before you shoot, run a dust test to make sure the technician did a good job. I have had to return lenses and cameras to Canon to have them cleaned correctly. Usually they will be fine from Canon repair, but things happen.

The Gear:
Canon cameras using a
Canon 100mm macro or a
Canon 50mm f1.4 lens with a
Canon extension tube, the 12 or the 25, or both of them together.
I used both f2.8 and f16 on the lenses and ISO 160 & 320 on the cameras.
I used a Gitzo CF tripod with a
Photoclam ball head.

The Light:
Lowel Omni light - 500 watt tungsten.

I own 2 Aputure LED lights, the 120 and the 300D, which are fabulous, and would have liked to be able to use them. But they have a "Large" LED emitter ("Large is a relative term, they are not big) in relation to the small filament of the Omni lamp.

Plus the Omni has the ability to focus from wide to spot AND! you can change the dappled reflector to a highly polished smooth reflector rendering very hard light with almost no light modification. This gives you sun like crisp shadows. It is NOT the same as the sun, the light would need to be a lot farther away to truly mimic the sun.


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