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Award Winning Industrial Lifestyle Imagery

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Fashion Imagery, Steve Thornton

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This industrial lifestyle advertising image was shot for a major industrial client in Mississippi, USA as a part of an advertising imagery library building project. The challenge in this type of imagery is to design the lighting, set up the lights and light control devices and shoot the imagery as quick as you can, while still being safe, in order to save time.

There are 2 reasons time is important:
1-The clients almost always want more shots than time permits and
2-We are delaying production while we are shooting, and sometimes while we are setting up we can delay work, costing the company we are working with a lot of money.

As one client put it: "We are delighted you are here... but we will be glad when you leave."

It took my crew about 45-50 minutes to set up all of the lights and get the light values close. Then the art director and I got into the bucket of the boom truck and I directed my lead assistant to dial the power up or down to get the strobe power set to the final settings and I then shot for about 8 minutes directing the talent and moving the bucket lift to several different POV (Point Of View).

Fashion Imagery, Steve Thornton

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Industrial Lifestyle Imagery, Steve Thornton

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