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Personal Work, Steve Thornton

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Shot in the apartment in Milan, Italy in 2008. Since the Covid 19 Virus has stopped most work and kept most of us in the house, I have been going back to "The Vault" to re-visit some of my old work. I remember what I shot with Julia because I had used it in the past. While looking for another image, I saw these images and selected 2 out of the 9 horizontal images I had shot using this background.

About 10 years ago I all but stopped shooting vertical photos unless there was no realistic way to shoot horizontal The impetus for this was my realizing that the "The Media World" was going to be horizontal and not an almost square box that the TV and the CRT computer monitors had been for years. Later on Cell phones caught up to now being very wide and narrow.

The other reasons for shooting horizontal is it is how we see. Unless you are laying on your side you do not see vertical. Print is shrinking and a lot of print is a single page... vertical. I now tell clients, shooting with high mega-pixel cameras, to just crop a horizontal and they can get what they need. Plus they also have a cool horizontal image to use on their website.

This room was the kitchen, the living room and on the table, where I did all of my Photoshop work. Julia, a beautiful and sexy model from Latvia, is a really good model and great to work with. One quality I love about great models is they move non-stop, Julia is a mover.

BTS photo below.

For Photographers

The Gear
A Canon camera using 1/50 of a second shutter speed and 800 ISO with a
Canon 85mm lens set to f1.8 hand-held.

The Light:
Middle of the day light and interior ambient light using a Sunbounce Mini reflector, see below.

Personal Work, Steve Thornton


Personal Work, Steve Thornton

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