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Fashion Photography and Motion Direction

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

About the Video

This advertising fashion project was shot on location in Tucker, GA and is shot using natural light. In the video clips, I am shooting through 2 windows at 90° to each other that were not real clean giving the gritty look. The 2 sets of reflections in the glass were hard to work through but after looking at the finished color graded project, they added some very cool lighting effects.

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

For Photographers + DPs

The Gear:
A Canon full frame camera using 100 ISO and 1/100 second shutter speed using a 
Canon 200mm f2 lens set to f4, attached to a
Sachtler fluid head sitting on a
Gitzo CF tripod. 

The Light:
Open shade.

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

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