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Professional Beauty Imagery

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

About the image

This "beauty image" was shot in Como, Italy during our shoot for American West Handbags, an American company, owned by a woman originally from South Africa. The crew was: Kassandra, my lead make up artist/hair stylist based in Milan, who is an American living in Milano, Emiliano, an Italian living in Germany, Veronica, an Italian wardrobe stylist and Catilin, a simply fabulous model from Noosa, Queensland, Australia. So a true mix of nationalities.

We had finished shooting in Milano and I wanted to shoot several additional images in the Como area. FYI: Como is: a Province, a city and a lake, and I shoot in/on all of these. So we drove to Como and I have a favorite restaurant I go to, Le Colonne, which is part of a hotel and is owned and run by a family. The part of the restaurant I enjoy is outside and has a glass wall surrounding the restaurant on all 4 sides. During nice weather they fold all of the glass panels out of the way so you are outside but with a roof overhead.

We drove up, and the owner, Andrea asked if I wanted him to park the van, and I said please. This is a good thing as it is in a locked garage so: 1-the van will still be there, and 2-I do not have to worry about someone breaking in and stealing clothes, cameras, or the handbags.

After lunch we got the key to unlock the door to the garage, which is just beside the restaurant. I looked and decided to shoot in the "Garage" as it had a cool look and had perfect light. (It is in fact a courtyard that the hotel uses to park guests cars.) The wardrobe stylist pulled a very cool light blue /dark blue striped skirt with a blue lace top that was just fabulous.

Then after Kassandra saw the outfit's color said she wanted to make an adjustment and I agreed. I know enough to listen to my styling crew as they bring a different set of eyes to their area of expertise. So while Kassandra was working making Catilin more stunning than she already was, I grabbed a camera to just take snapshots. As I walked around looking and shooting, I noticed the image above and was struck by how it looked, Catilin's good looking face poking out of the car and the reflection in the side door's glass window. So I shot 2 or 3 frames and moved on to something else.

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

When we were casting models for this project in Milano, we went to 6 different modeling agencies. Women, the agency we went to first, had several models for us to look at and Catilin was one of them and was also the first model we looked at. After looking at all of them I asked to put Catilin on hold, said our good byes and thank you and went to look at the rest of the models. Emiliano & I both agreed that Catilin was clearly the best for this project and I am so happy she was in town for this shoot. I love shooting with great talent.

Go here to see the video of what we shot.

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon camera set to 1/200 shutter speed, 640 ISO and a
Canon 85mm f1.8 lens set to f4.5 shot handheld.

The Light:
Open shade sunlight for the shot of Catilin getting make up and for the fashion photo we also used a
Sunbounce Pro reflector, silver side, hand held.

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

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