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Award Winning Photography, Steve Thornton

About this image

This fashion editorial image was shot in Milan, Italy for "Cowgirl Magazine".

This shoot had an "Issue" and was delayed about 4 hours. Steve had had two models on hold until the day before the shoot date, at which point he then confirmed his "A" choice. Unfortunately around 3:30 the morning of the shoot, "A" model sent Steve a text message saying she was experiencing a lower GI "disturbance". When Steve woke at 5:00 a.m. to prep for the shoot he got the message and knew that his A choice was now not going to work. So he sent the agent an e-mail asking if his Plan B model was able to shoot. Around 9:45 a.m. the agent called Steve apologizing profusely. It seems the model told Steve but did not tell her agent, so she was clueless about the problem until she got Steve's message.

"Yes", she said "the other model is available!" so Steve asked the agent to send him the model's address so he could pick her up along with the make up artist/hair stylist. By the time he had collected all of the players and started Hair & M/U it was noon and he did not shoot the first look until 2:15 p.m. and finished the project's last look at 8:10 p.m. having shot 9 different looks in 3 different locations 6 miles apart (9.4Km), most of it being in Milan's traffic, in just under 6 hours.

Steve said that he really wanted to shoot something that said "Milan" (Actually Steve says "Milano", but that is just due to him having lived in Italy on and off since 1985). But due to the disastrous loss of time in the morning, coupled with Milan's incessant heavy traffic, not to mention the extreme difficulty in parking in the center of town, he decided to shoot the train station vs. the main cathedral, called the Duomo.

Award Winning Photography, Steve Thornton

This is from Steve about the lighting: I slid a Lumedyne round head onto the hot shoe of my camera using a LightwareDirect Mini Mount.

Note: I sent one of my heads back to the Lumedyne factory and had them add an additional ¼-20 threaded insert at the rear of their round head. This allows you to be able to look into your viewfinder by moving the strobe head forward making this process MUCH easier. (See the bottom photo above).

Award Winning Photography, Steve Thornton

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon camera - 1/200 second, 50 ISO with a
Canon 16 to 35mm zoom lens set to f9 (f8 1/3) using 20mm

The Lighting:
Lumedyne Next Generation Round Strobe Head, reflector and diffuser, connected to a
Lumedyne 200 Watt Second battery powered pack set at 100 W.S.

NOTE!!!! You will need a cord to go from the head sync connectors to a PC connection on your camera to make this work with your strobe system. OR you can also use a hotshoe sync that also has another shoe on top of it.

Award Winning Photography, Steve Thornton

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