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Fashion Photography

About the Shot

Fashion Photography, Steve Thornton

This on location fashion photograph was shot in Nesso, Italy on Lake Como. Note the strobe light is very limited in the area it is illuminating. This is due to how close the softbox is to the model and our using the LightTools 40° grid.

See photo 2 below, it shows the light on the wall turned off. We shot this in the middle of the day. I "Turned it on" in Photoshop. The trick to doing this is not to just turn on the light, it is to make it look real by "Modeling" the light that you would expect when light passes through the glass in the fixture. Also the color of the light will be warmer.

Photo 2

See Photo 3 below. The lighting setup took several minutes.

Photo 3

See Photo 4. This was the first test exposure, and it was ugly, it is flat, light is everywhere, just not "Me".

Photo 4

See Photo 5, Gabby, the model and Vicki, my American producer, are walking to the set. My crew installed the grid and moved the light forward about 5 feet (about 1.5 meters) to be closer to the model. This was MUCH better but not quite there.

Photo 5

See photo 6 - After setting all of this up, the wall on the right was dark and the left wall was a little bit dark too, so I adjusted the grid to let light "Leak out" to those areas.

Photo 6

Fashion Photography, Steve Thornton

For Photographers

The Gear:
Canon camera - 1/160 second, 100 ISO with a
Canon 16-35mm f2.8 lens set to f4 and 16mm.

The Lighting:
Lumedyne 200ws battery powered pack with a
Lumedyne head in a
FourSquare 30 x 30 "Travel" softbox using a
LightTools 40° grid all mounted onto a
Manfrotto umbrella adapter and using a
Manfrotto light stand to hold it in position and I used a
Wireless sync system.

Fashion Photography, Steve Thornton

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