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Behind the Scenes


The BTS photo was shot by a friend, the lovely Georgia Ferrara - Thank you!

About the ShotSteve Thornton, Fashion Photography

This image is one of a series of images Steve shot for a very cool art hotel in Palermo, Italy, who wanted some off-beat sexy imagery. In this shot he is squeezed into the shower in one of the hotel rooms (Steve is 6½' tall - 2 meters).

He tried to shoot this with a 14mm flat field (rectilinear) lens, but because the door was blocking his field of view he could not move far enough back to get all of the model in the image. Changing lenses to a 15mm f2.8 fish-eye lens solved this problem, see the BTS photo above.

The ambient light is a mix of dim fluorescent, dim incandescent lamps plus the daylight balanced strobe turned to the lowest power level, so we had a fair amount of effort to correct for this color mismatch in post. In the black tile, and to a lesser degree on the shoe on the right, you can see blue light, this is from the strobe and Steve elected to leave it as another color element. He pointed out most of the scene is either neutral or warm colors, so a bit of blue would help.

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

For Photographers

The Gear for all images:
Canon camera set to 2000 ISO with a shutter speed of 1/15 second using a
Canon 15mm fish eye-lens set to f5.6 shot hand held

There is a mix of ambient light from fluorescent and tungsten lamps along with a
Canon 580 speedlight set to the lowest power level aimed at a
California Sunbounce Micro reflector to the left off screen (Steve's assistant is literally standing in the hotel room holding the Sunbounce reflector about even with the door opening.) Steve aimed the strobe through the open door. We used this for fill light on the left side of the image. See above.

Steve on the Sunbounce Micro reflector, "That reflector has been all over the world, it lives in my main suitcase along with my dopp kit bag and is as important!"

Steve Thornton, Fashion Photography

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