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Award Winning Fashion Imagery

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

About the image

This on location celebrity fashion photograph was shot in Nashville, TN. There was a knock on my hotel room door, I was staying at the Hermitage Hotel, a magnificent property with great service and huge rooms in downtown Nashville, across the street from the Great State of Tennessee's capitol building. I got up, opened the door and there was a slim and very attractive young woman. As we shook hands she said that she was Clare Bowen (A star of the TV show "Nashville") and thanked me "for doing this" (the photo shoot featuring her for "Cowgirl Magazine".) I replied that I was delighted that she was here and proceeded to show her my producer's hotel room where the festivities would start. Clare's make up and hair styling crew were waiting to begin the light work that Clare needed. I say "Light Work" because she look pretty good to me as she was standing barefoot in the hotel hallway. (I never saw her wearing shoes the entire day, must be an Australian thing!) While Clare was being attended to by her wonderful crew, my wardrobe stylist then looked at both what Clare brought plus what "Cowgirl Magazine" had sent and put together ideas of what went with what. It was ultimately up to what Clare wanted to wear and we went with her decisions. The reality is Clare could have closed her eyes and no matter where she pointed, that look would have been just fine. Clare has good taste in clothes and the magazine sent some stunning wardrobe too. This shot required a bit of lighting to get to the final image. The main light is a Lumedyne battery powered strobe system and the head is inside a FourSquare 30x30 “Travel” softbox with a LightTools 40° grid to control the light “Splatter” you normally get with any softbox. In addition I used a second Lumedyne strobe with a head w/a grid aimed onto a TotaFlector (A small metal reflector with a mirror like surface) to aim this light onto Clare's face. We then balanced both strobes to over power the ambient light, this is how we have Clare brighter than the surrounding area.

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

For Photographers

THE GEAR: Canon camera set to 1/30 second shutter speed, 320 ISO and a Canon 24-70mm zoom lens using 27mm set to f8. THE LIGHT: Lumedyne battery powered strobe with a FourSquare "Travel" softbox with a LightTools 40° grid attached to control the light "Splatter". And I have another Lumedyne strobe where the strobe head has a grid and is aimed onto a Lowel TotaFlector (A small mirror like reflector) and is bouncing this hard light onto Clare's face. If you look you can see the shadows on Clare's face, this from this light.

Personal Work, Steve Thornton

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