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Award Winning Advertising Fashion Imagery, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, and Commercial Director Award Winning Advertising Beauty Imagery, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, and Commercial Director
Award Winning Advertising Portrait Imagery, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, and Commercial Director
Award Winning Advertising Fashion and Beauty Video Director, Atlanta, GA Commercial Photographer, and Commercial Video Director

Fashion, Beauty & Portraits
Fashion, Beauty & Portraits

As "the" photographer and director, I love to shoot these types of images. When I get to shoot some really great Fashion, it is so wonderful to be able to hunt for the perfect model, assemble a great styling team, have your lead assistant run the assisting crew and then be able to create some stirring fashion images. Even though when I create the photographs some will see art, it is a commercial endeavour when photography and advertising mix. The best fashion photographers will agree that well executed imagery is art. As an advertising photographer I LOVE helping a client make money, raise awareness of their brand or both. Creating high fashion photography is a lot of fun and is immensely satisfying.

To shoot advertising photography for Beauty is a lot of fun too. To take a good looking woman and make them more beautiful than before, how much fun is that? Again it is the styling crew and my assisting crew that really make me shine, and this is true for any great fashion or beauty photographer. Having the crew you trust allows you to only think about the creation of the image, and advertising Beauty photography requires a lot of attention to detail. As a commercial photographer you need to be able to direct all of the moving parts: The model, the make up, the hair, the wardrobe styling (If the beauty photo is a nude image then wardrobe is not needed) are all equally important. The photography is also important, some say most important, but I disagree. I think all elements are equally important, all of what the styling team does plus what the photographer does: Choose the location, the time of day, the light, the lens, where to put the lens and what settings to apply to the camera. ALL of these are equally important.

Shooting Portraits allow me to work the light or take advantage of the existing light and take some photographic risks. Most advertising portrait photographers never take risks on the job, unless they have shot "The" image and ask the client if they can shoot some more as a "Test".

Fashion, Beauty & Portraits

For Photographers/Directors

The Challenges, other than the light which is always central:
For fashion photography it is getting the great wardrobe then getting a great model. Your styling team: Make up artist, hair stylist and the wardrobe stylist are all really important.

For beauty photography, again finding a great model and styling crew. Beauty allows your make up artist really shine as it is a close up of the model's face.

For shooting portraits, finding a great face and working out how to shoot at it's best.

Fashion, Beauty & Portraits

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