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Links to Media Baggage Fees by USA Airline and Delta's special rules

Click on the airline name to go to their media rate page

Look for "Media Bags" almost at the bottom.

American Airlines
Then click: Audio or visual equipment.
In short, AA is a bit of a pain.
Send an email requesting media rate here - You MUST request this in advance!!!
AND!!! You must ask the agent to look for the SSR/OSI in your record at the airport. But even with this, you may be charged stupid money. Then you have to contact customer service to get a refund.

Southwest Airlines
Look for "Large Media Camera Equipment" about 5 lines down.

A bit of a pain to find: At the bottom of the page, look for "Sports Equipment & Special Items", then in the opened window
click on "Sporting Equipment & Special/Fragile Items PDF", which will download the PDF.
Then look for "Media Equipment".


The easiest of all these airlines, takes you right to the section.

Award Winning Fashion Photography, Steve Thornton

Please note that airlines change their minds on the rules and what to charge on a regular basis.

Also note that the webmasters for these airlines move/change the URLs for media bags too.
So the links may not be correct.

Award Winning Fashion Photography, Steve Thornton

SST checked baggage

Award Winning Fashion Photography, Steve Thornton


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